Monday, April 30, 2007

friendship quotes

Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behaviour between two or more humans. This article focuses on the notion specific to interpersonal relationships. In this sense, the term connotes a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, and affection. Friends will welcome each other's company and exhibit loyalty towards each other, often to the point of altruism. Their tastes will usually be similar and may converge, and they will share enjoyable activities

Monday, January 22, 2007

Valentine' s Day Gifts

Valentine's day is just a month away and my pals have started their preparation!! And know what???My female friends cant decide upon the gifts they should present to their valentine!! After day long debate,discussion and research it was decided that this year the men will be gifted with different kind of gizmo's . A survey by IOGEAR, revealed that most men love gadgets as their gift. So this year , the trend is to gift iPods, Digital cameras, tread mills (if your partner is fitness freak) and many more. Check out the link below for more information :

Also you can visit the to know the latest prices of the gadgets.
And if your boyfriend is not tech-savvy then you can opt for cool outfits, cuff links or perfume
or even surprise him with tickets for both to his favorite sports/rock concert .
Lot has been discussed about men now why would be the women not get the privilege to it too! Well, women love flowers , chocolates, jeweleries and perfumes but they are cliche! Isn't it? So how about some great new ideas for gifts for them too. So here are some novel ideas to share with you men for your special someone!

If your significant other loves books ,then wallah! You have a great gift idea right here!. While surfing i visited an iteresting site. Check it out:

Beautiful souvenirs are not a bad idea. They can be 3-D frame/sculptor or a hand-crafted platter or even a monogrammed leather gift. Better avoid gifting the cook-books(even if she loves cooking) or the vacuum don't want her to stick to the age old stuff do you?

For the married couples or long-term relationship pair, here are some little ways to spice up your life:

  • Leave some romantic notes in each place where your partner often visits, like the study table, the doors,the kitchen, in the wallet or inside the car.
  • At home, cook up or get the favorite food items of your lover. At the end of the dinner, get a bill like this: Soup: 5 kisses, Salad: one hug, spring roll: 10 kisses Your love will surely beam with your unusual way of expression of love.

Not expressed your feelings to your beloved till now?? Start a move right away! Are there butterflies in your stomach before conveying your feelings directly? Don't worry! This just the begining! There are several ways to express. And the latest and fastest way is through net. Try sending a beautiful ecard that will express your feelings right away! Try this out from . To add to the bandwagon is many but i like them more. Visit: , I am sure you will all love it.

Please share your views and give us some more great ideas.

Monday, December 11, 2006

First Date: some tips

Last time I wrote about how to approach for a date . Now I would like to share some ideas about the first date. First date is a make or break situation – its the chance where two strangers test their compatibility and if on the first date the comfort level between each other is not reached then its better not to think about the second one.

My friends often come to me for getting some tips before going for their first date. Now,please DONT think that they come to me because I have too much experience of dating!!! No- its not the case. They come to me because...........well, I don't know as I never asked them.

Anyways, as I was discussing about first date , what I have understood from my as well as from my friends' experiences is that there cant be any hard and fast rule while going for a first date. It depends on individual choices and interests

The most important thing is to Be Yourself. Be real. There is no point in making show offs or trying to be someone else because after few weeks your true self will come before him/her.
But yes , there are some Do's and Dont's that need to be followed.
Places to go out- most of us opt for movies . But if the couple spend three hrs staring at the screen without any interaction then is it best option? Its better to hang out at a pub or go for bowling or visit exhibitions or concert.
There would be better chance to know each other, to communicate. However I must admit movies are definitely “safe” option as there is least possibility of being tongue tied without any topic to discuss.
For me comedy shows are the best spots for a first date. At the end of the show both of you would be having smiles on your faces. Another advantage is that from the the jokes your date laughs at can reveal a lot about the personality.

Clothes No need to follow the latest trends blindly. Just wear dresses which one carry well and looks presentable. Clothes should be clean, pressed and fit well.

Food- Its matter of individual preferences. During eating, right eating manner must be followed. Eat slowly as .After eating out it will be gentlemanly from the guy's part if the pays the bill, specially if he has called for the date. But the girls can offer to share it.

Facts to remember:
On the first date always avoid talking about the ex relationships and problems of yours as well as of your date. Don't show curiosity in learning about the past life . With time, you will learn everything.

There should be eye contact and no wandering here and there . Pay attention to your date even if after one hour you are totally bored. Its a question of respecting a human being .

One should deal with others in a polite and dignified manner .Your date will analyze you by your treatment to others. Specially the men should keep in mind that before your date don't be rude to waiters or service to other people. Be a little diplomatic rather than aggressive. Todays women are more likely to fall for a man who has more brains than brawns.

Listen to him/her . Don't interrupt while your date talk. One of my guy friend had an annoying experience of dating a girl who never let him to open his mouth- she herself went on blabbering so much!

One should be cautious about heavy drinking and smoking . Your date might not like it . And after too much drinking you cant be at your best.

Last but not the least, the question that pop ups in everyone's mind - “Shall I kiss on first date?”

Well I will discuss about it in my next blog .Meanwhile please share your views about first date and enlighten us with many more dating tips .

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Love Tips and Advice

When was the first time you had a crush on anyone?? When was it that you started dreaming day and night about a particular person and thinking if he /she likes you or not ? Can you remember your first date? And the tension and apprehension before asking him/her to go out with you?

Well, here are some tips for those who want to go for a date with their
sweetheart but cant make up their mind how to approach it.

First of all , before asking for a date one should watch the body language of the person with whom one wants to go out . It actually helps because if you have an idea whether the guy or girl likes you or not then you don't have to face the embarrassment of flat refusal for a

Just look out if these incidents are happening-

You may “feel” that he/she is watching you but when you turn around you cant catch it.

Whenever you are around, either the person gets too
friendly with you and tries to talk with you about anything under the sun just for being near you. Or the opposite happens- the guy/ girl gets choked up and tries to ignore you or tries to argue with you about everything you say or do.

You seem to meet hem/her “accidentally” in lots of places where you least expected.

The person will ask about you to your friend because you are “
just a friend

If you are almost sure that the person likes you half the battle is won. It gives you more confidence while asking for a movie or dining out. But what about the situation you want to go out even though you hardly know him/her.
Well well, here are some ideas that may help all of you people.

Its better not to ask directly “Will you go out for a
date?” or “Let's go for movie “Again, dont be too vague.

You might ask the person casually “I am thinking of going to this movie .But my buddies are so busy. Will you like to come with me?”
If you are uncertain about getting together, then go with a group.
Just say “All of us are going for bowling? Will you join us?”

Going in a group will help because you wont hit awkward silences or wont have to go on talking if you dont know your date to well.In short' just remember to “Plan” where you want to go or what you want to say to your date.